Top iPad Game Apps Education for Kids

Top iPad Game Apps Education - Technological developments have pushed their thinking pattern of increasingly sophisticated and involve a variety of smart devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Many parents who teach their children about the alphabet and spelling with the help of a smartphone or tablet. Not even a few of the parents who introduce the iPad to their children. Want to know what the best iPad educational game apps that are good for children's growth? Let's refer to his review!

Top iPad Game Apps Education for Kids

The Lonely Beast 123

Best iPad apps educational game that first namely The Lonely Beast 123. This application will help the children there to count things around the house The Lonely Beast. The figure on the game character is shaped figure loner (loner) who need help to calculate a variety of objects in the house.

Educational game app The Lonely Beast 123 can be used on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These applications can run on iOS 4.3 or above. For the size of 71.7MB This iOS app and you can use this game at a price of $ 1.99 in the App Store.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an educational game app on the iPad second best after The Lonely Beast 123. Educational game combines iOS letter recognition and letter sounds and some exercises to form the development of the motor skills of children.
 Your child can drag to be on the screen in order to form simple words. If they fill out the word Correctly, then it will get a reward and praise. This iOS app is designed for children prior to kindergarten or school.
Endless Alphabet educational applications can be used on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with minimal operating system iOS 5.0 and above. This educational game for the size of 71.7 MB at a price of $ 1.99.

Monster Physics

Applications iPad educational game is the best of the last Monster Physics. In this game, the child will have the opportunity and learn about the basic principles of physics. In this game, your child will be guided to build a crane, rocket ships, cars and much more.
Monster Physics can be played on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with a minimal operating system iOS 4.3 or later. Monster Physics for the size of 46.5 MB at a price of USD 0.99.

Peek A Zoo

This educational app is suitable for toddlers. The game is quite simple, featuring animal characters were funny, there will be questions on the screen such as "Who blinked?", "Who's wearing?". Model game like this is very good to train children's ability to think and keen in observing the image. This application is priced at £ 2:29.