Review Virtual Families : Android Game Virtual Family for Kids

Review Virtual Families : Android Game Virtual Family for Kids -  Do you like playing house, cooking-cooking, working to support their families and anything related to household life?

VF (Virtual Family) is the latest work in real time simulation game by Last Day of Work, the makers of Virtual Villagers series.

VF has a basic concept of VV (Virtual Villagers) and use it. Not long VV can please people with the concept of villagers who survive in the wild. When compared with VV, VF further simplify the game and concentrate on the detail in the game.

You start by adopting the first virtual you. This is a very important choice to make the first time, because as you are setting an attribute that will affect how the running game later.

You can choose many different people for your adoption. Each person has the physical appearance, profession, salary, likes, dislikes and opinions than she wants or does not have children.

Attributes that last bit is important. Couples who do not want to have children they can have children, but you have to work extra hard to make them happy. Based on this, you should really choose the family you want carefully.

Once adopted, your character will walk around their home. You have to show your character what he should do in the house. Your character will learn about the habits. You can direct your character to the correct habits or not.

During the running game, you will get the wedding requests from various people. Each of these requests have attributes, profession, likes, and the views of children. It is a small but important is to choose one that is very cock with your character though will affect the character of your bank account.

If you choose to play a man who lived alone, you are given the opportunity to expand your family by adopting a child. A person who has particularly infants after pregnancy, the mother had a time like a real mother.

The following educational value that can be obtained in the game Virftual Families:

  1. How do I set up a domestic life in order to be harmonious 
  2. Diligent work in order to meet domestic work 
  3. Cleaning the house is dirty 
  4. Fixing the house when there is a stove exploded, floor cracks, etc. 
  5. Cooking and doing laundry on a regular basis 
  6. Call a doctor or take medicine when sick

The reality of the facts in the game:

As in the simulation game that simulates real life, these are the realities contained in this game. Functions of goods available, for example:

  1. Bathroom appearance that resembles the original, where there is a bathtub and shower 
  2. Display Living room that resembles the original, where there is a sofa, TV, TV remote 
  3. Kitchen display that resembles the original, where there is a refrigerator, dining table, frying, trash 
  4. Work display room that resembles the original, where there are, a work desk, computer desk 
  5. Bedroom display that resembles the original, where there is a bed, wardrobe, the bedroom there are children learning table 
  6. Laundry room display that resembles the original in which there is a washing machine, ironing place

Reality Other facts:

There was the time to make a baby, will display them in the room and danced, immediately the baby in mother's arms
  1. If family members are sick, the call would be their lethargy, coughing, etc. 
  2. Can have pets and feed 
  3. Reality causation

The reality of causation or sequences are included in this game are as follows:

  1. Your people will be working and earning money, if they have a promotion or a salary, it will be sent an email to them 
  2. When first adopted your people, will come partner, whatever you want to get married or not 
  3. If the food stocks depleted and you've never played it then you will die members

Reality random events

In this game there are events that may occur and their causes. Here is the incident and the factors corresponding to the real world:

  1. There will come a house to those who want adopted by your family, you can reject or accept me 
  2. There will be an offer from neighbors to buy goods from them such as cage birds, etc. 
  3. People you may encounter when trying to defecate and should be immediately taken to the toilet 
  4. If less careful when cooking can cause fires

Audio and Visual Reality

  1. When the time in the real world, then in the evenings, this game night nor during daytime 
  2. Bathroom shower sound like real 
  3. Sound when frying in a skillet like a real 
  4. Shape the character of men, women, and age like real 
  5. Forms of visual tools are used in accordance with reality. For example: televisions, beds, benches, sofas, computers, toilets, swimming pools etc.
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