Game Education For Kids in Android

Game Education For Kids in Android - Games on Android is already so much available on the Google Play Store for free. But not all games are good for the development of children aged from 1 year, 2 years to 4 years.

As a good parent, you must be very clever to choose a game to be played on a smartphone or tablet android. Matching games kids play is a game that is educational or educating is not a game that is violent therein. 

4 Best Education Game in android for Kids.

1. Kids Educational Game Free (pescAPPs)

Kids Educational Game is educational games that are suitable for your baby aged 2-4 years. In this game you will be presented with 10 games ranging from piano to learn notation, numbers and colors. There was also a memory game, train memory and then match.

Install Kids Educational Game Free [download]

2. Trains, Cars & Games for Kids

Game Trains, Cars & Games for Kids is a game to sharpen the brain sibuah heart to be more active. In this game you will be presented 15 games games, but only 5 games are available for free the rest paid. But all five games is already very enough to educate your child.

This game is suitable for children aged 2-4 years. This game can help sharpen creativity, memory, and knowledge of colors, numbers, and letters.

Install Trains, Cars & Games for Kids [download]

3. Kids Preschool Puzzles Lite

As the name implies, is about puzzle game in which your child will be presented with various forms of puzzles ranging from animals, vehicles, fruits, shapes, numbers, and letters were designed with cute. The game is available for free on android play store. This game is suitable for children aged 2-4 years. Interested to try?

Install Game Kids Preschool Puzzles Lite [download] 

4. Marbel Learning Letter

This child educational game is one game from Indonesia that you should try, other than that this game uses Indonesian so facilitate your learning. This game features a very interesting start to learn the letters one by one, memorizing the accompaniment of lively music and learn while playing.

Install Game Marbel Learning Letter [download]

There are many more educational games for your kids on Android, but the above is the best game. Hopefully after this game your child try to add smart.