Best Android Games for Kids 3 Years Old

Best Android Games for Kids 3 Years Old - In contrast to earlier times, now the gadgets are not only among adults but children - children up to the toddler is now even familiar with the name of the gadget. Rapid technological development of these should be overcome by a good and wise because if not actually even fall on the negative.

As we know that children can acquire and stimulation by playing one of the games that can help stimulate the child that game available on your gadget. But make no mistake in choosing games for children, adjust to his age in order to provide the appropriate stimulation. If your child's current age of 3 years, the following is the android games for kids 3 years of the most recommended for your baby.

The Most Popular Android Games of Kids

1. Cake Maker

Cake maker is one of Android games for children aged under five is invite your child to make various forms birthday cake, complete with the order of creation. From setting up the eggs and flour ingredients to choose a cake decorations. Android games for children hone your toddler's creativity in the artistic field and knowledge of cooking.  

2. 0-10 Numbers Baby Flash Cards

0-10 Numbers Game is a game android children 5 years and under the which will be education about the introduction of the numbers featuring good graphics, bright colors, a variety of characters anthropomorphised it will be very suitable to be played by children aged 2-3 year old.

3. Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

Android games this child is designed to introduce objects to your baby at the same time honing their skills in reassembling the scattered irregular shape into the shape intact. Selection of objects can be selected from fruit, the alphabet, animals, and type of vehicles.

4. Kids ABC Phonics Lite

Is a popular android game for children that you can plug in the tablet where this game will teach your child to remember the Alphabet and stringing words with a design that is clean and friendly.

5. Kids Animals Lite

Infants and children should be introduced to a wide variety of animals. This game is suitable for your child knows more about animals and how to love her. With kids lite animals you can test them about the name - the name of the beast that is on the game.