4 Best Cooking Games Android for Kids


4 Best Cooking Games Android for Kids - Cooking is an activity to create a cuisine that will be served to your family and friends. The ability to cook good if you produce dishes that tastes good and is favored by many people.

Game Cooking
Android may be a simulator for you who are new to cooking. Through this cooking game you can explore the capabilities and the creation of dishes that you create. Especially now available advanced smartphone with Android Os that provides a wide range of games and applications that can help you cook.

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Here the author summarized the Best Cooking Games Android for Kids you should try.

1. Stand O'Food® 3

This game is a game that has long been in the category of cooking since 2008, but this game comes back with great graphics and gameplay on Android. This game is not fully cooked but focuses to Time Management with theme cuisine that is no less exciting.Install Game Stand O'Food 3 [download]

2. Ramen Chain

Ramen Chain is an original cooking game developer made Indonesia namely Touch Ten. This game also requires time management and you are required to make noodles according to customers' orders. You just enter the existing materials in accordance with customer orders.

Install Game Cooking Ramen Chain [download]

3. Order, up to go!

Order, up to go! a game with the concept of cooking that you should try. With 3D graphics berbekah will attract the eye and make you addicted to play this game. At launch the game has been downloaded 6 million times by the android users around the world.

Install Game Cooking Order, up to go! [Download]

4. Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a game that is not 100% cook but is more directed to Time management, where you should open a restaurant and serve food to customers there. You must pay attention to the order of the material should be used as well as the maturity level of cuisine will affect the attractiveness of your restaurant.Install Game Cooking Cook, Serve, Delicious! Demo [Download]So many games cook in android, but all four of this game is the most good. May be useful for requiring cooking games for android.

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